Danke, Robert!

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sad to watch it..but welcome to Barcelona,Marc-André! we believe in you!

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'Football is only a game.' That is the most outrageous nonsense of the lot. Football is a science, it’s an art, it is war, ballet, drama, terror and joy all rolled into one.”

-Tom Utley

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Messi’s goal against Getafe.

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Messi checking how Neymar is doing after he got injured

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Iker Casillas, Xavi, Fernando Torres viajan en el tiempo en el Museo de la Selección (x)

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Yasser , 18 , Culé , Fc Barcelona & Borussia Dortmund ! I miss " Barca Pep " Very much , Because they are the best in the history of " BLUGRANA " ♥ ! I miss : " Abidal " and " Guardiola " and " Laporta " very much . . I wish them the best in their personal and professional lives :) Visca Barca y Visca Catalonia ♥

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